Colebrookdale District Police Department


DO NOT obtain Money Grams, money orders, gift cards or give out any personal or banking information to anyone over the phone.

The IRS will NEVER contact you by phone and they will NEVER ask for money or other personal information over the phone.

PLEASE go to for information or call us here at the Colebrookdale Police Department.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Colebrookdale District Police Department is to work with all citizens to preserve life, maintain human rights, protect property, and promote individual responsibility and community commitment.


1. Partnership -
Develop a partnership with the community, government officials, service agencies, and the criminal justice system.

2. Empowerment -
Develop an organizational structure and environment that reflects community values and facilitates joint citizen and employee empowerment.

3. Problem Solving -
Enhance community livability through use of proactive, problem-solving approaches for reduction of incidence and fear of crime.

4. Accountability -
Foster mutual accountability for Public Safety resources and strategies among employees, the community, and government officials.

5. Service Orientation -
Develop a customer orientation in our service to citizens and our police department.

6. Project Management and Direction -
Develop a process for overall management and direction of the Community Policing transition.